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Tips To Make Your Hairstyle A Hit On Your Wedding Day

Planning how you are going to style your hair on your wedding day is one of the biggest issues in planning a wedding. Of course how many options you have depends upon the length of your hair because the longer it is the more choices you will have. You should be sure to choose a hair style that both accentuates your face and compliments your wedding dress and your groom.

If you have shorter hair then the sassy look is definitely in so have some fun with it so that your hair isn't just lying flat like some of those styles from the 1920's! Add highlights to your hair and put some stuff in it to make your hair stand up like "BedHead". If your hair is thin or straight think about having a wave put in it or have it set for the special day. Have fun with it, it's your day! Put some playful curls in youe hair.

If you have hair that is more of a medium length then you have a few more options. You can choose to leave it up or down. Putting your hair up gives a look of elegance and goes really well with a traditional dress and wedding. If you have curly hair you can really accentuate your curls and leave your hair down choosing a beautiful headpiece to compliment your curls. If you have straight hair and choose to wear it down then you may want to have some highlights added to it and maybe a little curl.

For a really stunning hairstyle, have your hair put up with braids or twists. You can even have things like pearls woven into it. There is so much that you can do with this type of style, you can even let wisps of hair hang down on one side to draw attention to your face. If you have really long hair this gives you more choices than short hair but in a lot of cases it can be restrictive than if you had a medium length. You can choose to let it go straight, you can go all the way curly or just curls on the bottom or you can bring up part and leave part of it down with the use of braids, twists and clips. This makes for a very elegant look with your hair appearing up from the front yet long and beautiful from the back.

If your hair is super long you may have issues with putting it all up but your hairstylist can go over lots of ideas with you. You can get ideas on hairstyles for your big day by looking online and in bridal magazines.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find discount magazines on wedding hairstyles and bridal accessories at http://www.magazinesubscriptionsdiscounted.com

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