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Some Top Tips To Help Things Go More Smoothly When Blind Dating

Blind dating, while seemingly frightening, actually has little differences from other types of dating. The basic purpose is the same: to land a second date. However, blind dating does require a few specific idiosyncrasies: getting set up with a great date and exercising more caution. The final goal of blind dating is to land a second date. Arrange a fun date, and then express interest in your date. Make conversation and let them know you are interested by listening.

Talk about subjects that you enjoy to let your date know who you really are. Attire can cause some real nervousness for daters, and it's no wonder: dress is critical to the success of a first date. To ensure a good first impression, show up looking like you put some real effort into your appearance. Your date will appreciate the effort and even be flattered by your desire to impress them.

Exercise caution when meeting your date. Even if a close friend has set you up, your friend may not know your date that well. Plan your first meeting in a well lit and populated location, and never agree to meet at a secluded location. No matter how you dress or behave, or where you meet your date, in the end, getting set up with a great date will make or break your meeting.

Trust only those who know you best to set you up with a complete stranger and hopefully compatible blind date. Your attitude will play another major role in the success of your date. Go in with a great attitude, a desire to have fun, and a genuine curiosity about your date. This all can and will lead to a successful date and most likely a second date. End your date appropriately.

Some people start with the shameful backup plan of having a friend call them early in the date, thus giving them an out. Don't do this. It's just plain rude. Instead, extend your date the same courtesy you hope for. If you're both uncomfortable, then by all means, end the date early.

Conversely, if you're both enjoying yourself, have the discipline to end the date after two to three hours. Most conversation gets awkward after that amount of time. And at the date's end, be brave enough to be honest. If you enjoyed yourself, say so. If you don't think a second date is a good idea, then say so.

Some people bring a friend along to help ease tensions. This might seem awkward at first, but it will spoil any possible malicious intent your date may have been harboring and even ease tensions. Finally, be yourself. Your date wants to get to know you, and pretending to be something that you aren't will only lead to trouble in the future.

Blind dating seems intimidating and downright odd at times, but in the end, you never know who you're going to meet. It might just be your future mate.

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