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How to Tell a Good Girl vs Bad Girl Finding a Girlfriend or Finding a Good Time

Girls often talk about wanting to meet Mr Right. Guys dont talk about the same thing. Generally men can forgive a lot of bad character points as long as the girl is smoking hot. However, there comes a time when a man wants a girlfriend, a good quality girl who he can have a deeper connection with.

Assuming hes still going to bars and clubs, how can he find this kind of girl? Traits of good quality girls 1. Appearance: Well groomed, and fashionable is fine. Two hours getting ready, brand heavy clothes, tons of accessories and jewellery equals at least high maintenance and usually trouble. Think about it, while she is spending two hours getting ready, a good quality girl is reading a book, painting, doing a class, or otherwise improving herself for you.

The time taken to get ready means her looks are very important to her, so maybe they are her prime if not only asset! What others think of her is probably also important which means she might have self-esteem and confidence issues and so need to be chatted up by lots of men to give her an ego boost. My ideal girl is fashionable without over-branding, took twenty minutes to get ready, and has a light dusting of make-up at most. 2. Behaviour: - The amount a girl drinks is a factor. If she gets drunk and isnt in control of herself, you wouldnt want to date her think about whether you could sleep at night if she was out with her friends doing this! - If she makes any kind of eyes at the barman, the DJ, or the bouncers, steer clear.

No good quality girl finds these guys attractive. - She should like the club for dancing and being sociable but hate these kinds of elements and usually will leave before the guys get too drunk! 3. Social Interaction: Is she having fun with her friends or out on the pull? A lot of girls I know can actually go out with their friends and have a fun time and not be looking for men. Girls like to dance and be sociable. Other girls go to the club for one reason to find men. They are easily distinguishable by how much fun they are having: - Are they focused on each other or subtly checking out the men? - Do they enjoy dancing or have they no rhythm and only want to put on a show for the men? Interactions with Men The rule here is that the harder to get she is, the better shell be for you.

You want a girl to be fussy. If shell let any guy: - Buy her a drink. - Dance with her. - Talk to her for more than a minute Then she has the potential to cheat on you. When you approach, it would be better if she didnt open up to you or kiss you until you had a connection, something unique that she couldnt have with just any guy. I hope this helps you find the right kind of girl for you.

Remember, if you are looking for a good time, the party girls characteristics are here too!.

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Dating Tips

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