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How Good Communication Can Lead To Marriage

Millions of people everyday have a very difficult time expressing themselves. This can lead to the inability to sustain a normal health relationship. For men, they experience difficulty expressing themselves more often then women. Poor communication skill can go unnoticed early in relationships.

More attention is paid toward emotions and physical aspects of the relationship. However, experts have stated that communication is the key factor in building a strong and lasting relationship. Men have always found it difficult to communicate; this dates back to prehistoric caveman days.

Men have always been viewed as strong silent type who just got things done. Men have been preconditioned to this for centuries. Very few men express their feeling adequately and when they do, they are diminished somehow. This is because of the preconditioning, if a man expresses himself, it is viewed as a sign of weakness.

They feel that they are lowering themselves to a level where they do not want to be. To express themselves makes them feel uncomfortable. Women on the other hand have no problem expressing themselves on every subject under the sun. They want their men to be able to do the same, and when they do not, then women feel under appreciated and taken for granted. Many women will not get involved with a man that cannot express himself adequately. In order for men to create long and lasting relationships, they must be able to communicate how they feel to the women in their lives.

Sentiment and romance are big issues to women. Truth and honesty is what women expect the most from men. Both men and women need to make an effort to communicate with each other. However, there are times when in order to form a lifelong commitment, outside intervention is necessary to assist men in expressing themselves.

Men and women must be able to communicate openly and honestly with each other on any subject. It is important though to respect each others opinions. The one thing that is as crucial as speaking to each other is the ability to listen to each other.

Men find this difficult because the often see things in black and white and having to listen to extend reasoning takes a lot of patience. After you have been together for a while, you will even get to know each others body language. When you are in a relationship, you want to keep each other happy.

Do not send signals that can be misconstrued. You can only have a meaningful conversation if both parties participate. The one thing that men have found difficult to do throughout the centuries is to express their love. They feel that saying the words I love you is leaving them open and vulnerable. This is not always the case. Women love to hear it as much as theY love to say it.

Communication is the key part of a healthy relationship. This in turn will guarantee a life long commitment with years of happiness.

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