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Many Wedding Cake Traditions Guarantee "Happily Ever After" Long ago, wedding cakes were actually made of bread, created as a symbolism for the "breaking of bread" to signify the union between the husband and his wife and the two joining families. Historically, it was not uncommon for the bread to be broken over the brides head as a symbol of her breaking from her past and her entrance into her new union as a wife. This practice evolved into the breaking of bread and showering over the couples head as a sign of good fortune and luck in the marriage.

This practice is not a universal practice however, and many different countries practice variations of the same basic theme. The American Variation on the Wedding Cake Traditions In America, cutting the cake is the first task that a married couple performs together. This is done in front of all of their guests and family, with many different photographs taken of the event. Traditionally, the bride and groom then take turns feeding one another a taste of the wedding cake, cutting both slices from one shared piece of cake.

Tradition and superstition have stated that eating a piece of your own wedding cake is a guarantee for a happy wedding and this promise is even brighter if the bride and groom eat the first slice of the cake together. Many traditionalists agree that the cutting and sharing of the first slice of wedding cake by the bride and groom signifies that they have vowed to share their lives according to their wedding vows. Old English Tradition Promises a Spouse If You Sleep With Wedding Cake In the seventeenth century, it was considered good luck to sleep with a piece of wedding cake under your pillow.

The traditional bride cakes were not the frosted delights that we enjoy today but rather a spicy bun filled with nuts and raisins. It was originally believed that if you slept with a bride cake under your pillow, your dreams would be filled with images of your future spouse. In the years that have followed, many variations on this theme have been created. In one area, the traditional superstition was modified, instead of meeting your future spouse in your dreams, it evolved that the first person of the opposite sex that you met on the following morning, would become your spouse.

There are many more variations on the wedding cake traditions and superstitions. It would appear that almost every aspect in wedding planning and celebrations has its fair share of traditions and superstitions to enhance the overall wedding experience.

Charlie Reese is a Wedding Cake Designer and likes getting a psychic reading at least once per week. Charlie also likes looking at the daily and weekly horoscopes.

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