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Going Out Alone Does Not Mean Going HOME Alone

One of the common fears men have is actually going out - alone. For some reason, many men equate being alone in a social situation with negative imagery - people thinking he is desperate, lonely or has no friends. On the contrary - going out alone can be a REAL asset when it comes to meeting women.

In fact, it can do more for your game that you would ever imagine. Let me tell you why. First - going out alone gets you over the notion that what other people think - matters. It doesn't. If you want to be a confident alpha male - you have got to be able to overcome the "group mindset". As a pack leader - YOU decide what the pack does, you do not follow.

Reason two - ever been embarrassed by a friend when you are out? Not gonna happen if you are alone! You don't have to worry about what your buddies are doing, saying, or even more importantly - you have no competition for the same girl. Reason three - when a woman asks you "Who are you here with?", you can, without fail, show her right off the bat that you have the balls to be there alone. Instantly, that makes you a man with high status in her eyes. You don't say it like, "Well, no one wanted to go out with me tonight, so I am here by myself" You tell her, "I am here with my own great company - me!" Now - these are great reasons that going out alone rules - but - you also have to LIVE the alpha male, cocky comedy way if you are going to pull this off and get the girl. What you do next is really begin to peak her attraction to you by starting a cocky-funny interaction with her.

What you do is you start turning the tables around on her. When she asks her who you are there with, you tell her, "You!" She will laugh a little at that, and then ask you , "Ok, wise guy, who are you REALLY here with?" You then tell her, "Look, dude, I only met you a few minutes ago and you are already trying to get my life story? By the end of the week you are going to be packing your things into my apartment! Slow down!" Underneath this little by-play, though, what you are telling here is, "It doesn't MATTER to me who I am here with, I am confident and maybe just a little out of your league." Be cocky, funny and a trifle difficult, and see how attractive you suddenly become to women.

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Dating Tips

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