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Employ Fast Seduction without Cheesy PickUp Lines

You might not have an entire evening to flirt with someone, but you still want to be able to convey an interest in attractive people you meet casually. Fast seduction can still be effective without hitting on someone too hard, or using horribly cheesy pick-up lines. Avoid being parodied in the sequel to A Night at the Roxbury and follow these tips for successful fast seduction encounters. Be Natural Don't sit around and think of things to say to people you find attractive, live in the moment when you meet people. If you sound rehearsed your intentions will be misconstrued and your shots at fast seduction will produce a laugh in your face instead of a new connection. Speak to people as individuals.

Don't have a list of preloaded questions ready to fire off. Use visual cues, like clothing and food, to initiate personalized interactions and ignite fast seduction. Someone will want to know that they ignited a spark personally.

Use Humor A great way to get someone to open up to you quickly is to use humor. Make a witty remark about something within sight of you both, or about an event you're both attending. Comic relief is always welcome, and making someone smile creates an instant connection.

Once you've made someone smile or laugh you've opened up a door and employing faster seduction will feel more natural to you both. Be Nice This may sound over-simplified, but by simply being nice to and around someone you'd be surprised how well that speaks for you. If someone sees you being extremely courteous to others, or you find a situation to extend an act of kindness to them, you will be in their good graces.

Small things speak volumes - hold open doors for people, or excuse yourself if you accidentally bump into someone. Fast seduction is most likely to happen with people we think are generous. Go Out of Your Way You can be natural, nice and funny, but if you don't make a point to approach someone you find attractive, fast seduction is absolutely impossible. It's a huge compliment to someone when another person goes out of their way to create an interaction. Maybe you've smiled at someone from across the room.

Give them a few minutes and plant yourself closer to them. Say hello and introduce yourself. Ask them if they're having a good time; fast seduction also involves fast movement.

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