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Destination Weddings For Those Who Hunger For The Exotic

You've decided that you want a destination wedding, preferably a beach wedding, but most importantly you want to go somewhere exotic where the sea breezes cool the warm afternoon and stir the palm trees. You've got it all pictured in your mind. You just don't know where to go for your destination wedding. You've decided you want your destination wedding to be somewhere exotic like the Caribbean with its golden beaches and azure sea and sky, or Hawaii with its fabulous beaches and lush tropical flowers, or Florida with its cosmopolitan cities and world famous theme parks and its beautiful beaches.

Let's take a closer look at these destination wedding locations. Do All Roads Lead to Caribbean Destination Wedding Resorts? We'll start our tour with the Islands of the Bahamas. There are 700 of them stretching for 500 miles to the east of Florida and Cuba. They have some of the clearest sea water in the world which makes for truly spectacular snorkeling and beach weddings.

They also have a whole division of the Tourism Ministry devoted to Destination Weddings. So if you have a beach wedding idea, give them a ring during office hours and they will be happy to help you. On the other side of the Caribbean in Mexico is Cancun, another spectacular Caribbean Beach Wedding setting. Its unique attractions are Mayan archaeological sites along with beautiful white beaches and some of the best diving sites in the Caribbean. Many hotels and resorts have destination wedding packages that include the beach wedding free. This bonus is available at many Caribbean resorts.

Back to the eastern side of the Caribbean you come across the Puerto Rico wedding destination. With so many connections with the USA, this is one of the most popular destination wedding resort islands. Another spectacular tropical wedding destination, Puerto Rico has more than its fair share of fabulous beaches and fantastic scenery.

It also has waterfalls and other places of scenic beauty in its interior. A truly idyllic island for your outdoor wedding. How About A Hawaii Destination Wedding? Hawaii, the Friendly Islands, stunning island after island.

Oahu, Maui, The Big Island, all different but all clad with their rich volcanic vegetation and surrounded by cliffs and fabulous beaches. The whole archipelago cries out love and romance. Home of the hula dancers and the lei of scented frangipani flowers. Where else in the USA could a more romantic Hawaii beach wedding be held? Then there are literally hundreds of other choices if you don't want the beach for your destination wedding. Just imagine an idyllic waterfall surrounded by exotic tropical flowers or a beautiful chapel for a more traditional wedding.

Heaven awaits the bride and groom in the Hawaiian Isles. Finally Florida For A Fabulous Destination Wedding Miami is the most exotic city in the United States but also has some of the most beautiful beaches of any city anywhere. And there are lots of alternative outdoor wedding locations including yachts and launches.

Another destination wedding location is Key West an idyllic tropical island at the end of a 100 mile chain of islands and keys off the southern Florida coast. And there are many other cities like Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and the Theme Parks of Orlando. A virtual cornucopia of Florida destination wedding locations.

The Unity Sand Ceremony For Your Destination Wedding While we are talking about tropical wedding destinations and beach wedding ceremonies, it is an ideal time to mention the great outdoor alternative to the unity candle ceremony, the unity sand ceremony. At your beach wedding, you can even scoop up the sand at your feet to use in the ceremony and as a permanent souvenir of the glorious beach where you took your vows. The Unity Sand Ceremony is a ceremony a couple of minutes long during which the bride and groom each pour colorful sand into a unity vase. This symbolizes their two separate lives coming together, being joined and continuing on as one married couple. It is a simple and beautiful ceremony. Other family members particularly children of the couple are also able to join in the ceremony with miniature versions of the unity vase.

The Unity Sand Ceremony has also become increasingly popular with couples who are venturing into second marriages and are looking for a meaningful ceremony for blended families where the children of the bride and groom can also participate.

Sharon Vaz is founder of http://www.unitysandceremony.net, a website dedicated to providing brides insights about the Unity Sand Ceremony.

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