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Dazzle Your Loved One This Holiday Season By Adding The Tantalizing Essence Of Romance To Your Gift

Have you ever seen a woman who's received a holiday gift that's so spectacular, so powerful it actually moves her to tears? Tears of joy. Tears of love. Tears of being overwhelmed with a man's complete thoughtfulness. If only in the movies, have you seen that woman? That's exactly what we're going to create together. And, this holiday season when you offer a gift or gesture, that moment will transcend time. Now,I know a man can show gestures of his affection and buy holiday gifts for the woman he cherishes.

But, what about finding the perfect gift? Or, creating the perfect romantic experience? Let's, take a moment to think about what a woman deeply desires and wants. It's especially important for a woman to feel treasured. That she's the most important person in the entire world to her man. And, to make a woman feel this way is actually quite easy! It comes down to knowing that her man thinks about her. When you make a gesture or give a woman a gift, she wants it to reflect just how much you value her love.

That you've thought about it. Pondered how it's just perfect for her. In fact, this is the essence of romance - and how you can keep it alive over the years.

For a woman, romance is found in the details. Even the smallest attention to detail will make an impression on a woman. Simple gestures like sitting close to her, holding her hand when walking in the park, writing a short love note, introducing her to friends and colleagues as "the most spectacular woman in the world" will endear you in a woman's heart. Gentlemen, women do like to be indulged or spoiled occasionally with surprise expressions of your affection. Despite any of her protests.

Try even an effortless gesture like giving her flowers for no reason, and see how she'll reward you. What if you went just a little further, and gave her a bouquet of flowers - the same arrangement she held on your wedding day - or admired in a special restaurant or hotel? Now imagine how she'll react when you put in more time and care to surprise her with a grand show of affection. How your relationship will blossom and she'll radiate sheer joy.

I cannot stress this enough: When you really want to indulge a woman, you need to create the ultimate romantic experience. The ultimate experience encompasses romance, creating a memorable occasion and anchoring it with a personal and feminine gift such as a piece of designer jewelry. And, when you create these experiences for a woman, you'll see how her love and appreciation for you only increases with each reflection back to those moments. To illustrate what I mean, allow me to recount a scenario where my husband got it perfect. I was returning from a business trip to Asia. As I was wandering around JFK searching for the car service I'd asked my husband to organize, I finally saw a sign that read, "My Royal Treasure".

You see, the name of my line of fine jewelry is Royal Treasures Jewelry Collections. In my jet-lagged stupor, I was confused that it should be incorrectly written. Nevertheless, I started following this man. Just then, my husband leapt out from around a corner! My heart nearly jumped right out of my body! He whisked me outside to a rented limousine and inside he'd filled it with champagne, cheeses, flowers, romantic music. As we drove home, my husband held my hand and suggested I take a closer look at the bouquet. Once again, I'm confused.

But, we're having a giggle, so I peered amongst the petals. And, sitting there in the center of a stately calla lily was a stunningly beautiful pair of earrings! I don't think I could actually breathe for a minute or two. Was I still asleep on the flight and dreaming? And, whenever I want a quick reminder of how much my husband truly treasures me I quickly glance at that airport sign. And, realize how much he does think of me - enough that he should create a play on words with the name of my jewelry collection.

Something that's important to me. Let's take a look at some factors that make such a moment unforgettable: The element of surprise. Considerable thought, effort and time. Tailored specifically for the woman. Shared intimacy. Amorous conversation.

Spirit of playfulness. Extravagance. Incorporating even a few of these factors into a romantic experience permanently imprints itself in a woman's mind just how precious she is to her man. Now - that's what a woman wants! A woman wants - needs - to feel special to the man she loves. That he desires her and wants to please her.

And, when she feels this way, her amorous emotions take over. Let me explain a bit more what I'm saying. The excitement of my husband's surprise immediately swept me up into a sense of lavishness.

splendor.gaiety. My mind was creating the most powerful love story as it was happening. I was living it - right at the moment.

That's right, gentlemen, women create most of the romance story in their heads. Then to top off the whole experience, I have his earrings as a reminder - as an anchor - of what he did and how he feels about me. All I could think for months was how I was the luckiest woman in the world! By creating similar moments for the woman you love, you'll be memorializing special times. Often, men don't realize this is what women want.

But, this is exactly what women crave. 20, 30 or even 40 years later you and your love will look back on these experiences as the highlights of your relationship together. You'll talk about these times.

Because these are the times you took the effort to create. A gentleman sets the tone.the place.

the experience. A gentleman's sense of centeredness and peace shines through in the way he cares about those he loves and the world around him. He cares enough to make his woman feel as if she's the most wonderful being in the universe. Allow me to offer you a bit of insight: Women are emotional beings. And, women do love to be swept up in a whirlwind of passion.

of enchantment.of frivolity. Every time your dearest love adorns a gift you've given her or glances at a photo of a special time together, the loving emotions connected with it only grow stronger. And, that's the power of romance. Romance makes a woman feel desired, appreciated and loved.

It's precisely these feelings that are vital to a woman's happiness and fulfillment. It's really quite simple. Romance begins with a single action. Develops in a woman's head as she's living in the moment. And, continues to grow grander and grander over time. With every reflection back to that moment.

So - gentlemen - if you just take the initiative to ignite a spark of romance this holiday season, the woman you treasure will take it from there and turn it into a flame. A woman appreciates that her man wants to court her for a lifetime. She knows it isn't easy.

But - She lives for it!.

Karonne K Mazier helps gentlemen create romantic gift giving experiences with her limited edition designer jewelry . Enter a world of brilliance. And, have the woman you love gazing at you wondering how she was so fortunate to be in your life at: http://www.royal-treasures.com/designer-jewelry.html

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