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Well, for one we have learned to expect more interactive sites which create a more vivid sense of what we previously took as ordinary. Take the world of chat for example, in the early days of the Internet; chat was a text only affair. You had the creative mix provided by Yahoo! and MSN, which allowed the creative use of icons and other such tools but that was about it. Well, the world of chat has just crossed the change line and what we currently have courtesy of websites ike FriendsHangout.com is a 3D chat room. You can immerse yourself completely in an environment and chat along with other visitors.

Chatting isn't all you will be doing in the 3D chat environment that they provide, you can also play games as well and interact with objects the way you would in real life. That's the beauty of the 3D chat engine which FriendsHangout.com uses; it attaches a certain vivid aspect to the whole chatting scenario. Another great thing about the environment is the ease at which you can launch into it.

Other than a simple plugin which should take seconds to download with a good Internet connection, you have need of little else and you can simply launch into the game from the comfort of your browser. The game reminds people of the desires we probably once had to visit worlds other than ours in the manner of Alice in Wonderland and other popular novels. Even certain movies expressed this desire of slipping from the boredom of this environment into other environments which we would find more entertaining.

FriendsHangout is also free which is something rather rare with a product of this nature, in such cases it would be usual to charge a certain fee to users who enjoy the services provided here, but FriendsHangout delivers it all for free. An avatar editor also exists which helps you customize your avatar to your own specific preferences. You can literally be anyone you want to be as soon as you log on to the FriendsHangout.com website, in the near future a number of additional innovations will follow to provide much more variety to the end user but for now what is available can be explored in depth. You can use the FriendsHangout.com website to expand your social network as you can easily chat will your old friends and make a whole lot of new ones as well.

The beauty of the visual style here is that you can create an avatar that easily catches the attention of the sort of people you'd like to make friends with. You can go with boring or extravagant, the choice is up to you and your creativity skills. You will be surprised to see what others can do with the tools provided on FriendsHangout.com.

FriendsHangout.com is the Ultimate 3D chat room. Be sure to try out all our various virutal world scenes.

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